We began our journey long ago towards being one of the biggest companies in the business of Catering and Hospitality Services. With strong focus on customer satisfaction RHS believes in building a sustainable relationship with client and constantly add value to it. Below are the key services offers:

Construction Sites Catering Services

  • Cost effective and practical solution to on-site catering needs
  • Good quality food and refreshments available at the construction sites whenever they are needed
  • A range of services designed to fit any location or site type
  • Subsidized food provisions including tea and coffee, refreshments
  • Special operations out of normal working hours

Remote Sites Catering Services

  • Services at distant & difficult to reach places
  • Full catering service to meet your exact requirements
  • Maintaining the highest standards of hospitality services for our camp solutions
  • Raising quality of living

Mining and Drilling Catering Services

  • Creating a healthy lifestyle environment for your mining site
  • Offer workers a taste of home
  • Healthy food options refreshing & refueling workers
  • Wide range of food service solutions

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