We are a forward-thinking real estate organisation whose goal is to make pleasant realities out of fantasy projects.

Tan Singh Chouhan Private Limited Ltd. (TNS), a 20-year-old business with ISO-9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications. Our expertise includes a focus on industrial constructions and hydropower projects of the highest calibre and excellence.

We have made it a priority to build a name for quality and excellence in the construction sector. The client's objectives are given top priority in the design and execution of every step of our process because of our emphasis on clear communication, follow-through procedures, and safety. Our fundamental Values are-

  • Sincerity,
  • Authenticity,
  • Client satisfaction,
  • Enthusiasm

We have expertise in completing a variety of projects, and the company is dedicated to high-quality building while taking the environment into consideration. TNS firmly believes that the founder's vision served as a pillar of strength for everyone in the company. The business has a solid reputation for completing projects on time, within budget, with high-quality work that requires no redo.

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