Safety Policy

safety policyM/s Tansingh Chouhan believes in QHSE standards and investment in QHSE is seen as a good business idea. Our company has well settled QHSE Management Plan. Line management drives the process for QHSE excellence over the whole operation and actively leads Quality Steering Council (QSC). Personal involvement is visible at all levels of hierarchy. Managers and supervisors actively participate in QHSE activities and set a good example. QHSE Policies are clearly defined and implemented throughout the organization. Job descriptions are prepared and clearly communicated to all employees leaving no gaps in responsibilities. QHSE is given equal priority at all regular meetings. Majority of qualified staff/labor are given operational training for all safety measures. QHSE plans are written and communicated on a regular basis.

Regulatory requirements are well understood and with a continuous upgradation of the QHSE standards. Emphasis is laid upon improving standards through a bottom-up approach. HSE requirements are systematically included in equipment/product specifications. Risk identification and minimization is practiced at all levels of management in the bottom-up approach. Employees are trained in risk management. Assessment and prevention commence prior to start of an activity. All relevant hazards are identified and risk associated with them minimized through systemic application of effective prevention and mitigation measures. All personal protective equipment (PPE) issues are addressed, rules clearly defined and always respected. Investigations are conducted in case of any serious accidents, leading to recommendations. All emergency response plans (ERPs) are tested on regular basis.